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In her own words, Ada Lovelace practiced poetic science. Ada seemed to have always possessed a fascination for math and logic. As a child, she dreamt of flying and engineered a pair of wings to bring her dreams to life.

Ada Lovelace was born to George, Lord Byron and Anne Milbanke in England on December 10th, 1815. A month after Ada's birth, her father abandoned the family, leaving Ada and her mother on their own. Anne wanted to raise Ada to be an independent woman and emphasized the importance of education. 

Ada was a natural in mathematics and showed her analytical skills to the world when she started to work with Charles Babbage In 1840. She had just attended a lecture on Charles' latest machine, the Analytical Engine. The Analytical Engine was the first mechanical general-purpose computer to achieve Turing completeness. Ada took it upon herself to translate the lecture to the scientific community in order to help people understand how the machine worked. Ada ended up adding an additional three pages of notes to Charle's original publication. It was in these notes that Ada Lovelace wrote the world's first computer program. Ada wrote a detailed algorithm for the Analytical Engine to calculate a sequence of Bernouli's numbers.