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Gideon Algernon Mantell was born February 3, 1790, in Lewes, Sussex. His fascination for geology began to grow when he was a little boy. Young Gideon would explore nearby quarries in hopes of finding strange creatures, shells, and rock formations. In 1822, this boyhood passion led to his discovery of the first fossilized set of teeth and started the field of paleontology. The peculiar teeth resembled those of a modern day iguana's, but were almost 20 times larger. After inspecting the specimens and concluding that they were from another era, Gideon proposed the existence of an extinct creature. He presented his findings to the scientific community and was met with ridicule. Scientists dismissed his findings and claimed that these teeth came a more common creature such as a fish or a rhino.

It took Gideon three years to recover and reconstruct the rest of the skeletal remains. By studying the bone structure and seeing how the forelimbs were shorter than the hind limbs, Gideon concluded that these bones could not have belonged to a mammal. With that, Gideon proudly introduced his discovery of the Iguanodon in 1825.